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SmartHide Overview
SmartHide Security Scheme

SmartHide Advantages

All SmartHide Features
  • Smart Interface
    Just click "Make me Invisible" to start using SmartHide
  • Unblock Blocked Sites
    Visit blocked for your country sites (
    Hulu, YouTube, Pandora, Veoh, ABC, CW, MySpace, Bebo, FaceBook, etc.)
  • Wi-Fi Security
    Use wireless Internet connection everywhere (wherever you go, fly or drive)
  • Port Forwarding
    Safe P2P, HTTP, FTP, ICQ & SSH)
  • Internet Traffic Encryption
    (logins, passwords, any text forms)
  • Secure Emails and Online TV
    Use Email box without worrying
  • SmartHide in Your Pocket
    Try new SmartHide Portable Edition for USB devices to protect the Internet out-of-house
  • Unmetered Download
    Download and upload files without limits
  • PayPal Payments
    Use World Wide Famous Payment System to pay and sell online
  • Apple MacOS Support
    Use SmartHide on your favorite Apple Mac being secured
  • Personal 24/7 Support Manager
    Contact your personal manager
    anytime you have a trouble
  • Streaming Music, Video, and Downloads Support
    Listen, Watch and Download as much as you wish staying fully protected
  • Firewalls Support
    SmartHide works through the most corporate firewalls
  • Invisible Surfing Traffic
    Be invisible for all network administrators
  • Windows Startup
    SmartHide is ready to go right after PC startup
  • Automatic Reconnection
    SmartHide reconnects in auto mode if your Internet has been restarted to protect your Internet deals on a regular basis
  • Automatic Connection
    SmartHide starts work automatically after the moment it is switched on
  • Automatic Server Change
    SmartHide tries to connect to the next server automatically if the previous one is not available at the moment
  • Visibility List
    Add trusted sites that should not be secured by SmartHide
  • Fast Internet
    Be protected without losing Internet speed
Use all SmartHide Features for Safeness

Money Protection

Insurance for the Internet

SmartHide has insurance the same as life, home or auto.

But SmartHide insure the Internet security and complete anonymity.

 SmartHide protects all online money transactions you do:

 - Putting logins and passwords of your payment services on various sites;

 - Entering credit and debit cards numbers when purchasing or selling online;

 - Providing bank data over the Internet;

All these can be intercepted easily if Internet connection is not secured in an appropriate way.

 Scam Protection

SmartHide encrypts all the traffic as it was described in "SmartHide Protection Scheme".

You can be sure that no hacker or cracker will access your valuable data.

Use SmartHide your information will be encrypted with special algorithms and secured servers.

Buy and sell with SmartHide
Protect yourself with SmartHide and do purchases and sale online without any risks.

SmartHide encrypts all online money transfers. That means that no one hacker will never get your payment information.

Additional Protection for HTTPS Sites
Even if you insert a payment data on secure site (HTTPS), you have a risk to get hacked

It happens if a hacker breaks the security of HTTPS site and it turns out into simple HTTP site that can be easily hacked and your data can be stolen.

With SmartHide, even if HTTPS is hacked, your payment info will not be plundered because SmartHide encrypts all the data, i.e. SmartHide provides an additional protection for you.

Therefore, by using SmartHide you can safe a lot of time, nerves and money.

Internet Protection
The information is open through:

  • Browsers
  • Email applications
  • ICQ
  • FTP
  • SSH
  • HTTP
  • HTTPS (when it is used inappropriately by webmasters)
  • AIM
  • AOL
  • Other IMs
  • All other services that are connected to the Internet
What do they know about you?
  • Sites you visited
  • Passwords you typed
  • Forms you filled out
  • Credit card numbers you entered
  • Messages you sent or read
  • Data you transferred via FTP/SSH
  • Files you downloaded
  • You geographical location
  • Your PC characteristics
  • Many other facts
What SmartHide can do?

  • Hide Real IP Address
  • Protect From Scam with credit cards online
  • Protect from visited pages interception
  • Defend typed passwords and filled in forms
  • Secure bankings, e-gold, paypal and other transfers
  • Encrypt ICQ, AIM, AOL and other IMs conversations
  • Shield FTP, SSH, P2P connections and E-mail messages
A great majority of Internet services does not use encryption for data transfer at all. That is why every Internet user should think about the security in the Internet.

Keep out of Identity Theft
SmartHide encrypts all the data that you put in forms (logins, passwords, credit/debit cards numbers) to protect them from being stolen.

Twenty-seven million cases of identity theft have been reported in the last five years.

SmartHide protects from such occasions for sure.