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SmartHide for Windows v.2.4.359 released

2011-06-01 09:56:49

SmartHide Team is happy to announce a new version of its software aimed to provide every Internet user with a safe and convenient way to protect their identity, secure Internet access and visit any blocked website in the world from any spot of the planet.

New in SmartHide for Windows 2.4.359

We are glad to introduce you new version of SmartHide. This time we tried to improve all available SmartHide functions, to make the process of program usage easier and more pleasant.

1. The first change is updated installer. Now SmartHide installation is more simple and accessible. Make several clicks and you can start using software ready to function.

2. The possibility to choose the type of SmartHide account

We also added the possibility to choose the type of SmartHide account during the distribution kit installation.Have you got login and password to SmartHide? Or you just start getting acquainted with its possibilities? Anyway improved installer will help you to set up SmartHide correctly. Improvement touches upon software. So if you want to enter your personal web office by clicking to corresponding link in the main dialog of SmartHide you will manage to do it at once, there is no need in entering logins and passwords if these fields are correctly filled in the SmartHide software.

In an effort to raise the level of reliability of SmartHide we implemented a new mechanism which allows program to function well even in case www.smarthide.com is blocked by your provider.

We certainly worked hard over the correction of errors which are inevitable in any software. Fortunately all these errors were small and did not give our customers special inconvenience, but nevertheless we corrected them because we are trying to make the perfect SmartHide. We put much effort in releasing new SmartHide version, making it better and reliable, providing our users with free and secure Internet access.

You can download the latest SmartHide for Windows 2.4.359 here:


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