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Good News For SmartHide V.I.P. and Two Continents Subscription Users

2012-01-23 06:33:52

Today we have some new things that we implemented to make the process of port forwarding easier on Personal USA IP or Personal EUR IP. This opportunity will help advanced users to configure personal SmartHide connection according to personal preferences.

We have improved the port forwarding process considerably. Before that, some users had issues with port forwarding. Now all these issues are fixed and the work with ports is smooth and stable.

Port Forwarding is a technology used to connect to your local Computer behind NAT (NAPT) from the Internet. The process of accessing means the directing of certain Ports traffic from external IP of a router to any computer in the local network.

This port forwarding is helpful when someone use peering networks (p2p) or there is a need to set up a server on a local computer with the access to the Internet. Moreover, port forwarding is used for multiplayer online games (MMOG).