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Online SmartHide Anonymizer released!

2009-09-27 10:03:35
We present to you a new opportunity to visit sites over the web staying unnoticed. You can change your User-Agent, remove Cookies, hide your Referer (while switching from site 1 to site 2; the latter’s logs will show where you come from), delete scripts and objects, encode url and Cookies. You may wonder when all this can be used? Usually such services are convenient for the job when you want your boss not to see the sites you have visited. Or in the case some sites are forbidden for you (hi, Chinese Internet users!) or when you’re using someone’s PC and don’t want to give him/her a chance to open your e-mail box or myspace.com account (Cookies are left but you can choose ‘Remove Cookies’ option). We will widen the list of ways and variants of helpful activities of Smarthide, so you can introduce your propositions.

The URL of Online Arovax SmartHide:

Posted on 18:35 08 Sep 2007