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Brand New SmartHide v. 2.4 is Released!

2011-02-23 13:15:39

New SmartHide 2.4 is Released to Secure the Web - All over the World

We are happy to launch a new release of SmartHide 2.4.x. It took much effort to improve SmartHide software. Now its performance has become more reliable and stable.

What new features does SmartHide 2.4 have?

  1. Brand new user interface. We decided to make a thorough overview of SmartHide interface to make it easier, more friendly and easy-to-use. Now the connection status is shown not only by the colour of the main connection button and the icon in the tray, but also by a message in the window heading having a correspondent colour. We have an octopus as well which becomes transparent when SmartHide is active, and a little LED near to it that changes its colour in response to the connection status change.
  2. SmartHide Free Trial. We don't forget about our free trial version of SmartHide which is extremely popular in the Web. It helped us to attract a great number of new users. Specially for those who liked the free version of our application and decided to move to its full version, we make the transfer easier. Now when passing from trial to full version you even don't need to reinstall the program. After subscribing to the one of the service packages we offer, SmartHide software will automatically download a new server list and make extra settings available. The most impatient can simply restart SmartHide to get it faster. If the full version is registered via the e-mail submitted during the installation of the trial version, you even won't have to enter new login and password.
  3. SmartHide became more stable. Some of our users, residents of the countries imposing severe censorship to the content of the web sites, have experienced some troubles in the work of SmartHide. Thus, for example, the current server list could not be downloaded for the local Internet providers blocked the site www.smarthide.com. We have improved the mechanisms of interaction with our central server and blocking the work of SmartHide became more difficult.
  4. We are fighting for the free Web all over the world. Certainly, a number of mistakes and bugs were fixed. So we made some improvements to the work of the Visibility List feature, some users reported to have had troubles with. Visibility List allows to make up a list of trusted sites for which the real IP is not hided even if a user runs SmartHide.

In general, SmartHide has become better and more easy-to-use. We are constantly working to create new features, that could make web-surfing free and secure.

Existing users - please relaunch your SmartHide, it will automatically detect an update, download and install it.

New users - please buy SmartHide now to get a complete Online Security. After the purchase you will be able to download SmartHide v. 2.4 from SmartHide Members Area.