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Arovax SmartHide Portable Edition is being released!

2009-09-27 13:49:27
A Portable Edition of the most user-friendly hide IP address and network connection encryption Software - SmartHide 2.2.192 is being released!

On May 28, 2009 the company Arovax is happy to announce a release of a "traveler’s best friend" - Arovax SmartHide V. 2.2.192 Portable Edition. Starting from today we offer an ability to turn ON quickly a safe data transfer in different public places and internet access points all over the world even easier than ever before! 

SmartHide Portable does not require installation! Just insert your flash card and launch SmartHide and stay protected and anonymous in the Airports Worldwide, Hotels, Cafes, Wi-Fi Zones and other places to access World Wide Web. Wherever you are - it takes just one button click to get access to blocked web-resources around the World and gain complete anonymity and personal information protection. 
Feel free and safe with SmartHide Portable - anywhere in the World! 

Every user of SmartHide Service is now able to own a flash card or any external hard drive with a SmartHide Portable application on it. And whenever you need protection - just launch it and stay hidden, like our Octopus, who becomes hidden for the enemy when the danger occurs.

SmartHide Portable can run from a removable storage device such as a USB flash drive, flash card, or external Hard Disk Drive. It does not leave its files or settings on the host computer. This means that SmartHide Portable does not write to the Windows registry and instead stores its settings in a configuration file located in its directory.

Arovax SmartHide Portable Edition is available free of charge for all current clients of SmartHide Service and can be downloaded from SmartHide Members Area at:

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Posted on 17:43 29 May 2009