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New SmartHide Order Page and more...

2009-09-27 13:47:16
We updated the main SmartHide Order Page!

The page now looks clean and clear. It explains in a very simple way all the information required to make a decision regarding the type and duration of the SmartHide subscription period.

We’ve tried to give a clear explanation of the differences between SmartHide subscriptions by listing them all in one column and putting the "+" and "-" signs in the right places.

Another update is the addition of a Quarterly (3-Months) Payment Period to all the types of SmartHide Licenses.

Currently we accept Credit Cards, PayPal, Payments by Phone, Payments by Fax, Wire transfer, Check, Cash and more!
We hope that you like our new easy-to-use SmartHide Order Page and the process of taking the right decision will become hassle-free and intuitive.

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Posted on 6:28 27 May 2009