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Arovax SmartHide 2.2.192 is being released!

2009-09-27 13:35:51

Hide IP address and network connection encryption Software - SmartHide 2.2.192 is being released


On April 20, 2009 the company Arovax released a new, advanced version of SmartHide, unique Hide IP Software for Web anonymous surfing and network connection encryption. 

The current release has a few modern features helping to hide IP faster and providing an unapproachable anonymous and safe surfing for home and office users.

Please find below 6 most important modifications that have been introduced to the recent Arovax SmartHide release:

1. Revised user interface 

The new SmartHide v. 2.2.192 offers a considerably revised UI. We’ve tried to organize the access to the main SmartHide functions in the shortest possible way. The tab containing settings was renamed into Home and the functions related to SmartHide launch and connection were removed from there. The settings are available using the link Click here to get more settings. Besides that from tab Home a user can access the members’ area (where you can check your account status or set up Port forward) or to the forgotten password recovery dialog.




The Log tab has become more informative and contains now more information. A separate dialog has been created for settings.

2. Fast server switch from the tray menu

The connection to any SmartHide server has become much easier now. Just right click on SmartHide icon in the tray and select in Servers submenu the required IP. The connection will start right away, even if SmartHide has already connected to another server. One of the servers in the menu will have a tick next to it. If the tick is green – the connection to this server is active. If gray – the connection is not active or in progress.


For those who value speed and comfort we’ve created a special Fast connection menu. All you have to do is to click on SmartHide icon in the tray while holding Shift button at the same time and you will get the Fast connection menu open with the list of available servers. There is another way to activate this menu – to click on SmartHide icon in the tray with the middle mouse button.




3. Additional options in settings dialog

All the settings are now presented in one dialog and divided into categories. The first category is General. Here you can set up the automatic SmartHide update or hiding the window to the tray at the startup.




The second category – Connection. Here we have all the settings related to SmartHide connection to servers. For example, you can "order" SmartHide here to connect to the server automatically at the startup.

And the last category is Visibility List. See more details about this category below.


4. Possibility to enter sites into Visibility List 

Now if you need certain sites to see you real IP address, all you have to do is just enter this site into Visibility List and after pressing Apply Settings button all requests to this site will be performed directly, leaving SmartHide servers behind. It’s worth mentioning that ad banners, streaming video and other elements imported to the site from other resources will see the IP address of a SmartHide server. This feature allows to hide your real IP address from a strange harmful code located on a trustworthy resource.




The new feature will be useful in case you want to speed up the access to some of the sites. E.g. if a site has a hosting located at your provider, there is no sense (unless you need anonymity) to make the traffic go around the world when the server with the site is located just a couple of blocks away from you. Gamers will appreciate this feature as well because after putting the game server into Visibility List, pings become much less frequent (under condition that the game server and the user are located in one region and SmartHide server, to which the connection was made, in another).


5. Vista x64 compatibility

And finally the new SmartHide v. 2.2.192 is fully compatible with Vista x64.




6. PayPal Subscriptions

On the numerous requests of the users who would like to register Arovax SmartHide using PayPal - we have finally added an alternative payment processor Plimus allowing to create a PayPal Subscription! Please visit SmartHide Register page and look for the SmartHide PayPal Subscription option.

Arovax recommends all SmartHide users to update their copies to the latest 2.2.192 release of  Arovax SmartHide.


Complete change log of Arovax SmartHide v.2.2.192:

  • New: Vista x64 compatibility
  • New: Revised user interface
  • New: Fast server switch from the tray menu
  • New: Improved VPN engine
  • New: Additional options in settings dialog
  • New: Possibility to enter sites into Visibility List
  • Fixed: Text links updating during language change
  • Fixed: News tab hanging up while opening
  • Fixed: After Personal IP selection and SmartHide restart the selection is not saved
  • Fixed: With the activated option "Reconnect" and deactivated "SmartHide server change" the connection status is shown incorrectly during the reconnection.
  • Fixed: Unstable News tab behavior
  • Fixed: Multiple memory leaks

Arovax LLC is an innovative software development company focused on high-quality and user friendly Online Security & Privacy Solutions. Visit SmartHide Home page for more information to hide ip and encrypt all your traffic. 

Posted on 8:05 20 Apr 2009