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Major SmartHide Support Center Update

2009-09-27 13:05:50
SmartHide Team did a major work on updating our SmartHide Support Center Knowledgebase and Troubleshooting sections. We added a lot of articles and answers to your frequently asked questions.

Please do not forget, that Arovax SmartHide Support Center is the first place you should visit if you need information regarding any aspect of SmartHide service or if you need professional 24x7 customer support. All the news and updates regarding the status of SmartHide service are updated here 24/7.

If you forgot the Password to Your account please visit our Password Recovery Page.

If you want to become a part of us - please join our SmartHide Community Forum. Use it to post your Feedback, Ideas, Suggestions, Feature Requests, Comments or just to chat with other members of our community.

Remember, Arovax SmartHide Team is available 24/7. We are here to help you!

Posted on 11:22 19 Feb 2009