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SmartHide 2.1.121 is being released today!

2009-09-27 12:49:24

Lots of minor errors and bugs have been fixed in the current hide IP address software. SmartHide became more productive and faster. A number of features have been added to the latest SmartHide release: Grey SmartHide tray icon while Connecting/Disconnecting to the server, Tray menu Support Contact Form, SmartHide Dutch localization and some not very important but elegant GUI changes.

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On April 9, 2008 the company Arovax released a brand new, advanced version of SmartHide, unique Hide IP Software for Web anonymous surfing. The current hide IP address software version has a few modern features helping to hide IP smarter.

The most innovative and useful feature is "Tray menu Support Department contact form".  In the current release of Arovax SmartHide every user can easily drop a letter to SmartHide Tech Department through the contact form available from SmartHide Tray menu. Just fill in the "e-mail", "subject" and "description" fields and click "Send" button. Your inquiry will be reviewed by our Support department and you will be contacted with the proper solution to your problem. The latest version of SmartHide contains some changes in GUI of the software. Hide IP address Software looks modern and fresh now.

"SmartHide Live Update" feature works correctly starting from this version, therefore you can download every new version of SmartHide as soon as it is released.

One customer said: "I don't know much about Internet security and Online privacy but I know for sure where to go to get the smartest hide ip address software for me. And the best thing about SmartHide is that I do not need to look for new proxies all over the internet. They provide me with everything I need to stay private and safe while working in the World Wide Web."

Arovax recommends all SmartHide users to update their copies to the latest 2.1.121 release of Arovax SmartHide.

Complete change log of Arovax SmartHide v.2.1.121:


  • Grey tray icon while "Connecting" and "Disconnecting"
  • Driver installation instructions in the installer
  • Tray menu Support Department contact form
  • SmartHide Dutch localization.
  • Some GUI modifications


  • Bug with a tray icon when the servers rollover option is ON.
  • Bug with logs sending from the support department contact form.
  • SmartHide freezing when "DHCP client" service is deactivated.
  • Freezing during the connection if the file vpn.sms is not available in the folder.
  • Bug with the live update.

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Posted on 9:10 09 Apr 2008