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Arovax SmartHide v.2.1.101 is being released today!

2009-09-27 12:42:57

Hide IP address software – SmartHide 2.1.101 is being released today. This version has many innovations and modifications that make the software very easy to use. The most comprehensive and outstanding new features are as follows: the possibility to select and connect to a server from the tray and an automatic server rollover. The usability of support forms has also been drastically improved. The whole process of errors delivery to a support team is fully automated now.

On March 20, 2008 the company Arovax – the leading producer of shareware and freeware software for home users and office workers – released a brand new, advanced version of Arovax SmartHide, unique Hide IP Software for anonymous surfing on the Web – SmartHide 2.1.101

The current release has many innovations helping to hide IP faster and providing an unapproachable anonymous surfing for home and office users.

Please find below 10 most important modifications that have been introduced to the recent Arovax SmartHide release:

1. Server connection from the tray

The possibility to connect/disconnect from the tray has been implemented in the new version. Just right click on SmartHide icon in the tray and select Connect/Disconnect/Abort.

Connect” connects to the server that a user has chosen from the servers list;


smarthide off


Abort” helps to stop SmartHide operation on connection stage. This feature is available only with the connection from the tray;


SmartHide connecting


Disconnect” is used to disconnect SmartHide from a server.


SmartHide on


2. Server selection from the tray

The software now provides the possibility of a server selection from the tray. Click the SmartHide icon on the tray, choose the menu item Server and click on the desired IP address in the displayed submenu. All subsequent connections will go through the selected server. The possibility of connection management via the menu in the tray makes SmartHide much more user-friendly and saves user’s time.


SmartHide servers


3. Automatic Server Switcher

A new feature of automatic server switch helps to avoid many problems with the automatic server connection. If the option is activated, SmartHide will connect in turn to each server on the list till the successful connection. At the same time the server rollover during the first connection will take place not taking into account the “Reconnect” option status.

4. LiveUpdate

SmartHide can be updated with just a few mouse clicks now. If a new version is available, SmartHide will offer the user to install the update automatically. An easy-to-use LiveUpdate wizard will make the whole process even simpler.

5. Usability in error messages

A lot of work has been done to improve the dialogs usability with error messages. Now, if any error occurs, a user sees a pop-up balloon with the corresponding message. If you click on the balloon you will receive more information about the error and recommendations as to its elimination.

6. Support Form

In case of any connection problems a user can send an e-mail to the support department right from the program. All the necessary diagnostic information is forwarded to the support team immediately which considerably saves user’s time and nerves.

7. Dedicated RAM volume

SmartHide source code has been optimized to save RAM volume on a PC. From now on SmartHide requires much less RAM space.

8. VPN management mechanism

VPN management mechanism has been revised completely. SmartHide runs now much faster and has a more stable operation mode. Due to this fact lots of problems from the previous versions have been successfully eliminated in the new one.

9. Spanish, Italian and French translation

SmartHide has been translated into Spanish, Italian and French.

10. Lots of errors eliminated

Lots of minor errors and bugs causing SmartHide operation problems were fixed.

SmartHide new release contains important program modifications. The advantages of a new version cover practically all preferences of a user running this program. This very fact proves once again that Arovax sticks to its promises and each new SmartHide version offers modern and user-friendly features and efficient enhancements.

One of the testers who worked on SmartHide new release said: “Personally, I have to mention that SmartHide developers, Arovax LLC, did their best to produce such an outstanding and useful hide IP software for anonymous surfing that has no analogues in the entire Internet community. It provides the top-notch security and privacy solution working with the highest Internet speed that meets all my requirements”.

How to get SmartHide for free

Register and download your personal copy of SmartHide for free.

Visit SmartHide Home page for more information on how to hide IP. Also learn more about ways of hiding IP address on hide IP page.

Posted on 5:05 20 Mar 2008

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