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2009-09-27 12:27:10

Today we have added two new types of Arovax Smarthide license:

Arovax SmartHide 6-Month License
Arovax SmartHide 1-Year License

In the end of the subscription period you will receive an email from us with a link to extend your license. Your card will NOT be billed automatically. These new license types are very convenient for most users because they allow you to save money with our discounts on 6-month and 1-year packages and also you will not have to worry about extending your SmartHide license every month.

Important notice!
We suggest our existing Arovax SmartHide users with FREE trial accounts upgrade your trial account to a paid one through http://www.smarthide.com/members/. Just click "Upgrade to a paid account" inside your Members area of Arovax SmartHide website. Thus, you will not have to use a newly generated login/password. If you decide to subscribe for a paid account through our general Order page at http://www.smarthide.com/order.php - New Login/Password will be generated for you and you will have to use them instead of the old ones.

Direct links to purchase new Arovax SmartHide licenses (For new users only! Users with the existing SmartHide membership - upgrade your SmartHide license through Arovax SmartHide Members Area):

Arovax SmartHide 6-Month License - 44.95$ (Save 11.75$!)
Arovax SmartHide 1-Year License - 84.95$ (Save 28.45$!)

If you have any questions or need support regarding the registration process of Arovax SmartHide - please contact us through the support form or submit your inquiry through Arovax Community Forum.

Posted on 11:58 17 Jan 2008