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SmartHide 2.0.74 has been released

2009-09-27 12:11:37

Arovax Company, a leading producer of shareware and freeware software for home users and office workers, has released SmartHide 2.0.74 on December 20, 2007. Now you can hide IP faster.

Some new features have been added to SmartHide to hide IP address automatically. The first feature is called "Autoconnect". It allows to connect to SmartHide server as soon as you switch on your PC. Users will forget about manual actions to hide IP address. This function is available in paid version only.

The second feature is set by default. It's called "Disconnection notification". Previously this feature was included in paid version only. But now we've decided to include it in both versions. Users will notice if SmartHide has been disconnected. They can hide IP address being assured now.

BUT! All SmartHide users are strongly advised to update their copies of SmartHide to the latest one (2.0.74) in order to be able to hide IP address with new features.

One user said: "SmartHide had been disconnected because of no reason. I would like to know about it when it happens. Could you add some notification about Internet Disconnection?" It is one of many messages that help us improve our software. So, we have added this feature for you. Hide IP address and get notified about Internet disconnection. It's also worth mentioning that our designers had changed the interface. SmartHide looks fresh and easier to use now.

General new features:

 - Internet disconnection notification (it is set as default now for free and paid version)
 - GUI

 - Autoconnect (for paid version)

One more very important thing has been added to SmartHide. Now a user does not have to click "Apply settings" to connect to the selected SmartHide server. All a user should do to hide IP address is to include "login name", "password" and choose a server. Then clilck "Make me invisible". SmartHide will hide IP address immediately.

We do not plan to stop the software development having implemented the mentioned above features. Every day we plan something new for SmartHide to make sure that every user can hide IP address to be protected in the Internet. We stand for the users' rights! So, you can drop us your suggestions and recommendations to email support@smarthide.com

Posted on 6:59 20 Dec 2007