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Arovax SmartHide is certified by HACKERSAFE!

2009-09-27 11:59:14

Dear friends!

We are proud to announce that Arovax SmartHide applied and got certified by ScanAlert HACKERSAFE - the world's largest website security certification service.

ScanAlert, best known for its HACKER SAFE trustmark, is the world's leading provider of website security services. HACKER SAFE technology protects over 250,000 websites, over 80,000 of which display the well-known trustmark.

Over 75,000 web sites rely on ScanAlert's daily vulnerability assessments for protection from hackers and third-party certification of their security.

When it comes to trust - HACKERSAFE is the trustmark you trust. When it comes to privacy - SMARTHIDE is the technology you use.

We are here for you,
Arovax Team