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SmartHide 2.0.56. Hide IP address without problems

2009-09-27 11:48:51

Arovax Company has released SmartHide 2.0.56 on November 01, 2007. Now you can hide IP address more secure than previously.

The system of servers connection has been modified. Previously SmartHide was connected through port 53, but now it will be connected to a servers list port. It will result in the absence of problems with firewall settings on many users’ PCs.

BUT! All SmartHide users are strongly advised to update their copies of SmartHide to the latest one (2.0.56) to be able to hide IP address with new servers. Otherwise, it will not be possible for them to use new servers that will be added to the software in the future.

SmartHide has been translated into German. Now all German-speaking people can easily use SmartHide in order to hide IP address and surf the Internet space staying anonymous and secure.

General new features:

Modified:  Servers connecting system (server list port is used)

New: German language translation

Posted on 10:20 01 Nov 2007