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SmartHide 2.0.49 has been released

2009-09-27 11:46:16

Arovax Company, a leading producer of shareware and freeware software for home users and office workers has released SmartHide 2.0.49 on October 08, 2007.

The main change - the opportunity to run software on Vista (x86) platform. Now you can hide IP address easily on Vista (x86). The previous SmartHide versions did not allow to hide IP address on Vista. It showed that IP address was hidden when in reality it wasn’t so. Such occasions happened in Vista when you worked in a user’s account or if UAC (User Account Control) was switched on. The same thing took place in Windows XP if you were using a user’s account instead of an administrator’s one. This factor resulted in a loss of password, login name and settings.

Now you can be sure that you won’t forget to switch to an administrator's account in order to use SmartHide the right way. If you forget about that anyway, a special notification message will appear.

The last but not the least modification has been implemented: SmartHide will be installed on the supported platform only. Now a user should not worry about SmartHide compatibility with his/her operating system. The updated version of SmartHide works much more productively and faster than the previous one.

General new features:

  • New: Vista (x86) support
  • New: Notification message about the wrong account usage
  • New: Installation on supported platforms only

Posted on 10:37 08 Oct 2007